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100 days That Mapped A Nation

Graeme Lay

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Joseph Banks made his rep with first Cook expedition. Made personalcontribution of several thousand pounds, effectively underwriting costs of voyage. Took with him 2 friends, Daniel Solander and Herman Sporing, 2 illustrators, 3 servants and a pair of greyhounds. By end of trip they had amassed the largest botanical collection ever made in one expedition.

It was intended that he would go on the second expedition as well, but withdrew in a huff when his demands were rejected. (He persuaded Admiralty to add a third deck to the Resolution for his retinue and equipment, but sailing trials showed this made the boat dangerously unstable, so it was all removed)>

Daily ration for each man was a pound of ship's biscuit, as much small beer has he could drink, or a pint of wine, or half a pint of brandy or rum. On top of that, most days a large helping of beef.

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