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The 100 Weirdest Sporting Events

Geoff Tibballs

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Lawnmower Racing

3 classes - run behind, towed mowers and ride-on. Blades removed for safety. Stirling Moss entered twice, in 1975 and 1976, and won both. (His last motorsport titles!)

Beer Can Boat Racing

Darwin Aust. Originally with boats made of steel cans, so outboard motors possible. But aluminium cans crush, so now just paddles. Aim is to paddle out to a bouy, retrieve a sunken treasure, then make it back to the shore with the booty. En route have to contend with other competitors armed with flour bombs and super soakers, and who will try to board your boat to pirate the treasure. Held in July bc that's only time when sea isn't full of venomous jellyfish. So only the salties (salt water crocs) to worry about.

Wife Carrying Race, Finland

Competitors carry partner over 250m course which includes a couple of fences and a 3 foot deep pond. Winner getswife's weight in beer. (She must be at least 7 and 1/2 stone - if she's less than that you'll be given a rucksack with enough rocks to bring her up to scale)

Bramble Bank Cricket, The Solent

Pitch is a 200 yard sandbar in middle of the Solent River, which only surfaces for about an hour once a year. 'The skill is to aim for the pool nearest the batsman and land the ball so that it throws up a spray of sand and water in his face and stops dead so he can't hit it.'

Shoot-out Golf, Socorro New Mexico

Start from summit of Socorro Peak, 2550 feet above the 'hole' (a fifty foot circle chalked in desert below). After teeing off, scramble down mt side with a 5 iron and spare balls, plus binoculars, a first id kit and tweezers for pulling out cactus spines. Every golfer starts with 10 balls and must finish with at least one, If you can't find your ball after 20 minutes it counts as an extra stroke. Players often take up to seven hours to complete the hole.

Shrovetide Football

Basically a mass brawl where the ball disappears for hours at a time. Earliest written record 1533. The goals are 3 miles apart separated by the river.

Hide and Seek World Champs, Italy

One person hides while one of the neutral search time counts to sixty. The hidden player then has 10 minutes to emerge from hiding and dive on a mattress at ground zero. Can't just simply sprint bc search team are all very fit rugby players. Held in one of Italy's many abandoned villages.

Redneck Games

(A redneck is someone who has a home that is mobile and five cars that aren't, and lovesbeer, trucks and women, in that order). Mudpit tug-o-war, watermelon seed spitting, bobbing for pig's trotters.

Sachshund Dash, port fairy, Vic, Aust

Weiner 500 sprint race, but usually about half contestantsget distarcted and wander off part way to sniff each other.

Ferret Legging

An endurance test where two live ferrets are stuffed down your trousers. Did I mention that you're going commando? Trousers tied at the ankles and loose enough for the animals to roam where they want. Ferrets must have full set of teeth and cannot be sedated. Apparently the trick is to make sure they're well fed before you start.

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