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1001 Muscle Car Facts

Steve Magnante

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Bill Mitchell, Head of GM Desig,n wanted the color scheme of the new 1961 Corvette Mako Shark to match a shark he'd caught and had mounted on his office wall. The guys in the colour shop tried but couldn't get an exact match. So they waited until Mitchell had gone home, snuck into his office and repainted the shark to match the best colour they had. "I knew you guys could do it if you really tried" he said next day.

When the oversize tail fins appeared on 59 Chevys and Cadillacs, an urban legend emerged that suggested that at high speed the car would leave the ground. Eventually a motor magazine stuck one of the cars in a wind tunnel and found the fins were harmless even at top speed. In fact the only way to get any significant lift was to drive it backwards at 100 mph.

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