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A Good Joke

The Life and Crimes of Notorious Art Forger Karl Sim

Ian Dougherty

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Sim was convicted after nine week trial that police estimated cost a million dollars. he was only charged with forging signatures rather than producing whole fake drawings and paintings, partly because many of defrauded galleries were reluctant to testify, havin onsold works at a profit. Judge gave him token punishment of 200 hours community service (which he served at local library since he was deemed too old, at 62, for usual physical tasks), and $1000 fine (which was less than he got for just one of his fake Goldie's). Didn't just fake Goldies, he also produced Robin White's, van der Velden's and many other NZ artists.

Changed his name to Carl Feodor Goldie and continued to produce signed fakes for as much as $5000. He evn painted one on the walls of the Foxton police station, in the room where he was interrogated.

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