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Awful First Dates

Sarah Wexler

Another "cunning plan" book where author starts a blog then invites others to write in with their experiences, then edits them into a book deal.

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1. The Dollars: Guy took her to a fancy restaurant, she politely offered to pay half. He accepted, then pulled out a '50% off' voucher and said "This covers my half"

Bear Grylls said he hiked a picnic up a mountain - tables chairs and three courses, which took all day to get up there. Then she never showed.

2. The Drinkers: Guy got pissed at restaurant, went home with girl but then projectile vomited all over hallway and closet, passed out on her bed, woke up after having peed himself and snuck out. Luckily he'd left his phone behind so she was able to tell all his friends what he'd done.

3. Mr Sexual: Takes girl home but she's not going to shag on first date. So he unzips, whips it out, and begins furiously masturbating in front of her. Or the guy who, after a little kiss on the couch, excuses himself to go to the bathroom and comes back with a tube of KY.

4. Otherwise Engaged: Takes her on a date and they have a great time but he tells her he won't be seeing her again because he has this big crush on a Chinese guy at his work.

Imam said that when she came to US at 18 she was surprised at concept of going out with a stranger, so she would always bring along a friend on a first date. No man ever complained though, because the friend would always be another model.

5. Discouraging the pushy types: "I can't date you .... l have herpes!" "That's OK, I do too!"(Ooops)

6. Mr Too Much Information: Guy who got very drunk and confided that he was worried about his small penis and could he show it to her to get her opinion.

7. The Art Lover: The guy who's dining room had only 1 embellishment - a gigantic framed jigsaw puzzle of the Simpson's version of The Last Supper. With a velvet rope in front of it, so you didn't get too close.

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