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All That's Left To Know About The World's Most Celebrated Adult Beverage

Jeff Cioletti

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Needed invention od pasteurization and refrigeration to take brewing beer from basically a local trade to large scale.

During Prohibition, breweries survived by producing near beer and malt extractsand yeast, together with instructions as to what buyer should avoid doing which wd result in beer being accidentally brewed....

Can get into business without even owning a canning plant. Mobile canners come to you and you just hook up to your tank.

'Growler' used to be slang for a bucket. In C19 beer commonly used in home instead of (dirty) water, both for drinking andin recipes. Breweries had an outside tap for unmarketable beer for help-yourself.

Drink a mass produced beer out of bottle, but if want to appreciate the aromas of a craft beer, need to use a glass. Most of what we think we're tasting is actually smelling. Can prove this with a little trick - give someone a couple of flavored jellybeans, tell them to taste first with their nostrils pinched shut, then bite next one normally. With open nostrils, the full berry flavour allowed to assert iself.

Ideally want a thick glass (to keep beer cold) with a narrowed lip, to retain head and aroma longer. Go to a German beer festival and you'll be served in cylindrical 6x2 inch glasses called 'stange' which means 'rod'.

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