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Call of the Mall

Paco Underhill

Everyone loses their car in mall car park at some stage - esp if it's a rental

People don't ask for directions in a mall - we haven't developed social conventions so no one asks or offers assistance

Cosmetics counter - if clerk offers help too soon customer will leave - trained to watch shopper closely for the moment she raises her head very briefly - that means she's found something but wants more info - equivalent to a jerk on fish line and that's when she needs to be reeled in. Women won't buy cosmetics on sale - feel they're putting something second-rate on face. So instead, companies offer gift-with-purchase

Public toilets just seen as a cost by owners, but author suggests getting local bathroom manufacturers to see it as a showplace for new styles or accessories. Or why not get Body Shop to supply free samples?

Kiosks the most lucrative rental for owners of mall - pay far more psf than even highest traffic stores. They have the highest visibility - more than 1/2 shoppers look at them, esp 18-25 yo's who are primed for novel experiences. Malls originally thought kiosks would be starter stores - ie would grow into bigger conventional shops, but in fact if successful they just clone more kiosks.

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