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Cheap Psychological Tricks For Lovers

Dr Perry Buffington

Jingling change in yr pocket is sign of insecurity. Behaviour began as a security blanket, as a way of proving you had money. Just as a young child needs his favourite stuffed toy, the adult now needs to hear the sound of jingling change to reassure himself, reduce anxiety.

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Man marries a younger woman he'll live longer (13% longer according to one analysis). But if he marries an older woman they are a lot happier. An older woman requires less pampering and is more likely to have similar interests.

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The male brain is up to 10% bigger than female. But the regions for language and reading are much smaller. When solving problems, women tend to think first and then react. Men tend to react immediately and are less willing to stop even when their plans are going astray.

A male brain is more compartmentalised than a female. A man comes home from work, sits down on the couch and tunes out the children, the cooking and the untidy house. The female comes home and immediately starts thinking about everything else that must be done.

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Beware the unpredictable partner - one who changes plans abruptly, or who suddenly produces a ballistic temper, or who at times appears to be a completely different person. Your relationship now has the same payoff schedule as a Vegas slot machine. You keep putting love and affection in, and you never know whether you're going to get the cherries or the lemons.

You trust someone when they are predictable, caring and faithful. If they behave consistently, if they respond sympathetically when you reveal vulnerabilities, and if you have faith in their goodness - these are the things that underlie 'trust'.

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