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Confessions of a Bangkok Private Eye

Warren Olson

Basically a set of cautionary tales, all with similar message - don't fall in love with a Thai bar girl!

Most of the stories repeat same theme. A Westerner comes to Bangkok for a 'holiday'. He's a guy down the bottom of the dating scale - unattractive (fat, bald, aging or just plain ugly) and inexperienced (often recently divorced and hasn't been on a date for decades). He meets a bar girl - young, often beautiful, very sexy, and apparently, very interested in him. Despite the fact that she's only attentive as long as he's spending money on her, the farang decides she's the love of his life. At the end of his holiday, he offers to pay her a wage to quit selling her body, while he organizes for her to come to his country and marry him.

But after he gets home he starts to worry - he hears all the stories, and despite being convinced that "she's different" and "only working to pay for her dad's medical care" blah blah blah - and so he hires the private eye to check up on her.

And, every.single.time. the PI finds that the girl is, of course, still working, and may in fact be getting 'paid not to work' by multiple guys. It's the guy's fault. Kidding yourself that you are being treated like a god because you're so attractive to a beautiful young girl 20 or more years your junior. She's on the job for the money, and you are an ATM.

"You're not buying the freehold. At best you're buying a time-share; at worst you've got a short-stay motel.

Sometimes there's a twist to the story. The farang comes to Thailand and marries his bar girl - if she's reached her use-by date (late 20's), a husband can be good option. But if he's old and boring, not uncommon for him to be found dead, at the bottom of the stairs. Divorce, Thai style.

(And if you're curious, author gives you a price guide: 600 baht for 'bar fine', 400 baht for a short stay room, 1500 baht for the girl)

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