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Crazy For God

Frank Schaeffer

Grew up in family with fiercely evangelical parents running a mission in Switzerland.

But his father loved ideas. Hated circular arguments that depended on the Bible, when used against secular people who didn't acknowledge biblical authority. Pointless quoting the Bible at people who don't believe it. Father so kind to people that overwhelmed - they would go away loving him even while disagreeing. One of author's friends converted but, later in life, began to wonder if he had been brainwashed.

Falling in love and falling in faith have a lot in common. In both you have no evidence of how relationship will work out or how good your partner actually is for you. People get "saved" and pick a religious leader in the same way. Only the trivialities - cars or washing machines - are selected rationally.

We have to overcome our fear of death somehow. Religion, having children, political arguments are all methods of avoiding contemplation of oblivion.

The most ridiculous thing in the world is a PhD in theology - an oxymoron if ever there was one.

There seems to be a scandal behind every rel leader. Author's father used to scream at, and sometimes beat, his wife. Billy Graham arranged for his daughter to marry a very wealthy donor.

Theologically speaking, we believed in an absolutely powerful and omnipotent Lord. Yet he had to be begged and beseeched and encouraged to carry out the simplest tasks. How exactly was this supposed to work? God wouldn't do anything unless we believed he would do it. But if he didn't do anything, what reason was there to believe?

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