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Deceived Wisdom

Why What You Thought Was Right Is Wrong

David Bradley

Cell phones are not a hazard at petrol stations. Never in the 20-plus year history of cell phones has a station burst into flames bc someone answered his phone while filling tank. Fuel needs to be compressed, heated and sparked to explode. Cell phones simply do not generate enough power to do that.

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Urinating on a jellyfish sting does nothing to help the victim. Urine is 95% water with a bit of nitrogen, neither of which helps. If put anything on sting, vinegar is best. If you want to avoid being stung, wear pantyhose into the water

Stradivarius violins do not sound better than copies in blind tests, despite the huge premium paid by collectors.

You cannot 'detox' your body. Everything you eat releases some toxins. All your normal metabolic processes have waste products, which the body excretes. Even if you just drink distilled water, your body still produces free radicals and oxidised compounds which again are excreted via the kidneys. It is a flawed bit of 'deceived wisdom' to think that our modern lifestyle somehow makes our bodies congested and dirty.

Letting a red wine 'air' does nothing to improve the taste, again confirmed by blind testing. Leaving wine exposed to air for an hour is not enough to break down the astringent tannins in younger and rougher wine. To do that, needs at least a day, by which time bacteria will have invaded the wine and begun to convert it to vinegar.

Many people perceive moon on horizon to be both bigger and closer than when high in the sky. But the full moon actually appears no bigger on the horizon. No matter when you see them, both moon and sun are about half a degree wide.

Hair and fingernails don't continue to grow after you die. Your skin and tissues shrink as they dry out.

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