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'Pay drivers' are guys who geta seat in a race car not through talent, but through sponsoring a team. Japan's Taki Inoue stands out. Only F1 driver run over by a saloon in a Grand Prix. His car caught fire, he leapt out with a fire extinguisher, but didn't notice the rapidly appraoching fire marsall car, which ran him over.

When the Mini first introduced in 1959 it was a sensation. Defined 60's Cool. Ford's equivalent, the Anglia, was a wallflower beside it, but at least Ford knew they made a solid £50 on every one they sold. They couldn't see how the Mini, with it's complex transverse motor and front wheel drive, could be built at a profit. So they bought one and forensically dismantled it, calculating the cost of every single part and the amount of labour involved in assembling the whole thing. They concluded that BMC was selling it at a loss. But it took BMC years to figure that out.

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