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Shere Hite

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The emotional contract between a man and a woman is often seen as 'human nature' but it is really just a reflection of our culture. Most mnen feel great pressure/frustration in their lives but they see woman as cause rather than the values of society. Lack of permission to feel any emotion apart from anger.

Men feel trapped whereas shd look to woman's lib movements to see that relationships can be changed to create more understanding and happiness.

Great majority of married men said their wives were their best friend, but almost all married women said that if they wanted to talk, they'd turn to their own best friend - snother woman.

Married women often spend years of anguish before deciding to leave. Later look back and see that that was the unhappiest period of their lives, not the part after the separation. "I made a list of what I really wanted, and what I was getting. When I saw it on paper I was able to think more clearly."

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