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How To Disappear

Frank Ahearn and Eileen Horan

Ahearn is a 'skip chaser', as in someone who traces people who've skipped out on debts etc. In this book he turns situation round and advises how to get away from people like him.

Biggest mistake most people make is to just try to walk away overnight. Need to prepare at least six months ahead. Short sighted to just chuck all yr bills in bin. But you don't know what yr situation will be in five years time. If bills too horrendous, file for bankruptcy or make a creditors agreement. Otherwise some angry creditor might make the effort to trace you.

Need web based email, phone numbers and prepaid cell phone, all paid for with cash.

Tricky bit is getting your money out of country untraced. Set up a company in another city or state, then set up a linked company in a nearby country. Then money can be transferred legitimately.

In past, pre-internet, you cd disappear by either adopting a new identity (usually by getting a birth cert in name of a dead child) or by simply sifting to a new country and adopting a new name.

Use misinformation: go to a city you have no intention of living in and leave a paper trail - apply for an apartment, phone service, cable TV,bank account - all these will do online credit checks on your background and credit history. If you really want to frustrate someone, do this multiple times in several cities - a PI's budget will only cover so much leg work.

If you need to remember phone numbers etc, load them into the comments section of a blog you control. Or if can't get access to computer, buy lotto ticket using the ph number as lotto numbers.

Bottom line: When you're on the run, the people looking for you can make dozens of mistakes. And you can't make any.

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