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How To Write A Dirty Story

Reading, Writing and Publishing Erotica

Susie Bright

"I want more people to write frankly about sex. I want to see an end to erotic illiteracy and to the censorship of sexual speech. What other kind of writing can you think of where many people are actually afraid to look at certain words or descriptions on a printed page or are ashamed to admit they even exist?

Bad sex - both physical and mental - characters who are indifferent or manipulative.

Don't start to write an erotic story - write a story about interesting people, and sex is part of their lives.

Assume everyone is sexual - not necessarily as horny as Mrs Robinson in he Graduate but even outwardly plain or dull women with sexual ideas.

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Stereotypes of female aggressor - bent on possession, castration, destruction - as well as the gold-digger.

Opening sentence: "She reached for the door and ..."

Can't just toss in sex scenes - need to be part of a believable narrative and credible characters that readers empathize with (love or hate). Have to explain how and why the sexual partners came together. Give them a life and a challenge, and make the sex part of the plot, not just something tacked on.

Story needs to be able to be read aloud (to a partner you're going to seduce).[Perhaps one of reasons tech manuals are so impenetrable is that nobody stopped to try to read them aloud]. Strippers "Look 'em in the eye and then slowly unbutton like you've got all day." Similarly best erotic fiction writers are tease artists. The actual orgasm itself is brief, as in real life. Forget the extended cliches of ocean waves and karmic philosophy. The orgasm scene is the final shoe dropping from the prosy foreplay you've been serving up all along.

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