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How many Minds Produce Knowledge

Cass Sunstein

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In Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, studio audience outperforms the phone-an-expert. The guesses of most of the audience are better than random, while those who don't know are randomly distributed.

Quite easy to anchor people's estimates. Show them a jar with 800 jellybeans it it and most people will guess around that number. But if you say first "We've asked 250 people to guess this" you'll get a significantly lower estimate.

Impt to ask a group of experts, not just one 'best' expert.

Germans believe drinking water after eating chewrries is deadly, putting ice in soft drinks is unhealthy. Italians think cling film has invisible glue. S Koreans fan death.

Cascade or Bandwagon problem: if go round a circle and ask each person in turn to choose best choice out of 5, the first answer skewws rest. Becausae unless next guy has a good reason to make another choice, safest to agree. Then gets harder for each person to be different.

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