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Making Sense

Julian Baggini

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People opposed to GM food argue that it's "not natural".But we do unnatural things all the time - answer phone or take an aspirin. And plenty of natural things are bad - like disease or poisonous mushrooms.

What fundamentally makes drug use wrong? Should people lose their job for using a drug recreationally in their own time?

Can't say that just because people have different opinions about the 'truth' of something, that means there is no one truth. But if people disagree about the capital of Australia, it doesn't follow that Australia has two capitals.

Principle that shd prefer theory that has greater explanatory power. For example, Q of why people behave the way they do? Couldn't they be robots or zombies under some magic spell? If we assume people are like us, then that explains why they walk talk and act the way they do. But if they are robots or zombies, we are left with too many unanswered Qs - we have to hypothesize the existence of unseen and unknown forces controlling others.

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