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Sharp was reasonably well off from family trusts. He had a London studio called the Pheasantry. One evening a couple knocked on the door but he was busy and couldn't be bothered answering. Next day the man mentioned it and said he thought MS wd have been keen to meet BridgetteBardot, who had wanted to have a look at his paintings. That was the last timehe failed to answer a knock at the door.

MS drew the famous Jimi Hendrix poster, but didn't realize the guitarist was left-handed and the printer had to reverse the image (after several editions had been sold). MS continued to rework the image (and profit from it) throughout his life.

Same applied to his iconic Bob Dylan poster. And he did the silver Cream album cover of Wheels of Fire.

MS was a lifetime fan of Tiny Tim, and sponsored most of his concert tours to Oz.

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