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Mark Penn

'Cougars' women who date younger men - they've either been through crap marriage or they've put career first and now want no-commitment relationships just for fun

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Working retired - economists concerned about incr imbalance between retired and working (taxpayers). Yet, in US, all needs happen is for people to work one more year, the numbers will even out. If half worked an extra 5 years, the extra payroll taxes will be greater than the shortfall .

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Contest run by Midas Mufflers 2006 to find American with longest commute. Gave prize to a guy who drives 372 miles a day round trip. Works for Cisco Systems San Jose - leaves home 4.30am, returns 8.30pm. On negative side long commutes increase road rage and increase family breakups due to grumpy stress, but on positive side get an education with Books On Tape.

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Big rise in number female clergy, but still 'Stained Glass Ceiling' - they can only get promoted so far. Churches which allow female clergy have suffered large drops in parishioner numbers, whereas churches which exclude them are the ones which have increased.

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Interracial marriages in US are overwhelmingly 2 types a) white men marrying Asian women b) black men marrying white women. You would think that in theory that should provide a gap in the market for Asian men to marry black women, but it almost never happens.

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Turkey is now the main supplier of husbands for Russian women, Germany second US third.

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Biggest health trend ever is DIY medicine - self-research, self-diagnose, self-medicate. If they go to the doctor, it's to get him to write a prescription that they already 'know' they need. Problem of course that they don't know what they don't know - have had no training in how to evaluate various info sources and symptoms.

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The new 'old dads' second marriages - often mistaken for grandparent.

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Christian Zionists - strong support for state of Israel, but not because they like Jews. 50% of Southern US now believe biblical injunction to help all Jews return to Israel (to be ready for Armageddon and the conversion of all the Jews) to fulfil biblical prophecies.

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Porn as a taboo topic, yet 53% of men at Promise Keepers Convention admitted visiting porn sites in week before. Porn movie makers say they've stopped because can't make any money because a) widespread piracy and b) so much amateur porn

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LATs - Living Apart Together - more than 25% new American houses have dual master bedrooms

There are nearly 10,000 distinct and separate religions in the world today, and about 2 new ones created every day. Mega churches in America, but worldwide the opposite - mini-churches of tiny, furiously devoted ever evolving groups. Some are sub-sets of big religions like Christianity, Islam or Hindu, but many are hybrids, taking bits from many religions and philosophies. Even though they don't appear on our media radar, some are quite large. The Umbandnas, based in Brazil, blend African native religions with bits from Catholicism and native South American beliefs - but there are 20 million of them - ie more than all Jews in world. This splintering is likely to increase, but paradoxically it's the smaller groups that are most able to gain converts. The ability to bring together many people under one religious banner is dwindling - even Islam, which seemed like a huge cohesive force, turned out to contain many warring factions. Analogy that religion used to be part of the Henry Ford economy (any color you like as long as it's black) but now it's part of the Starbucks economy (tailored to as many personal flavors as you can come up with)

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