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Mommies Who Drink

Brett Paesel

Based on her first 5 years of child rearing.

Originally entitled Slow To Warm, rejected by 13 publishers. Immediately snapped up when retitled as MWD

For the Beta Mom Movement - the anti-Hot Housing, anti-competitive, haphazard school of child-rearing.

Paesel becomes a celebrity at her son's nursery school after child announces to class, teachers and a few parents that he saw "Mummy sitting on Daddy's head" one morning.

Some Americans get very uptight about drinking - think that shouldn't even let kids see you drink one glass, let alone championing the idea of a regular Friday morning group boozing session as essential therapy.

Mothers judged constantly, can never win.

"I have come to the conclusion that raising a child involves long stretches of boredom and terror and bursts of supernatural joy - which sounds awfully close to the definition of psychosis"

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