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The Mummy At The Dining Room Table

Jeffrey Kottler, Jon Carlson

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Easy way to write a book - write to all your therapist mates and ask for their strangest stories.

Title refers to family who mummified mother after she died. She had breakfast with them, they left her on couch watching favorite TV shows while they went to work and school, she sat at the dinner table with them and then she slept with husband.

One story about a woman who reconnected with her father who had moved out when she was 2 months old. He's now 70's, she's in 40's but they start having sex. Best sex she's ever had plus he's wealthy so starts giving her lots of material things, but she feels guilty.

Risk of kids taken out so analyst says not to worry. Over years he's discussed case with lots of colleagues, and got full range of reactions, from total endorsement to absolute horror that he cd have condoned it.

Surprised at how judgemental some people were - many 'moralists' not just interested in helping people but also in plocing the rest of us to make sure that livinbg up to their ideas of what is good for people.

Therapist reframed it to ask 'Who was harmed?"

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Client in South Africa very anxious - eventually confessed that he'd had sex with a black woman. Expected that his therapist wd 'hit him with a broomstick'. But great relief when he instead pointed out that multiracial relationships common in other societies. ie nothing wrong with the guy, it was (S African) society that was sick (for having such a horror of black/white sex).

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