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Myth New Zealand

Justin Brown

Young people get a very defective education about alcohol. They are taught that it was bad to get drunk, but often the only times children saw their parents laughing and appearing to enjoy themselves was when they saw them intoxicated.

1986 story about restaurateur in Palmerston Nth named Henry Harrod who owned a family restaurant called Harrod's Family Restaurant. He got a threatening letter from lawyers from English Harrod's Dept Store. So a guy in nearby Otorohonga (pop about 3000) persuaded 72 of 74 local businesses to change their name to Harrods, including the banks, the district council and the local post office. Stunt got world wide attention, and the lawyers backed off.

We own about 1.1 million firearms, or about 25 for every 100 people. The US has about 90 per 100. The difference is that NZ guns are all (hunting) rifles, with almost no handguns or automatic weapons.

Sheep population topped out at 80 million in 1984. Today it's down to about 32 million - 8 sheep per human. But, there are about 60 million possums.

Australia looks at NZ in much same way as we do Fiji: we know it's there but we don't take much notice of it until we need a cheap holiday.

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