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One Two Three Four

Craig Brown

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June 1964 Beatles just about to start a tour of Australasia, Ringo hospitalised with tonsillitis. Frantic search for a replacement unearthed an obscure London drummer named Jimmie Nichol. He'd had an unlucky career - nearly got a break in 1960 when American star Eddie Cochrane took a shine to his group and offered to take them to America, but then was killed in a car crash.

For ten days Nichol was treated like a Beatle. Adulation, travel, lux living, money. Then Ringo arrived, and it all was taken away.

At first he was able to parlay his new name recognition into a record deal, but his recordings vanished without trace. He brooded forever - everything went downhill - marriages, career.

He basically never recovered from that 10 day stint.

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