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Only A Theory

Kenneth Miller

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Creationists quibble by trying to assert that micr-evo (antibiotic resistance, grey/black moths) occurs, butnot macro-evo (appearance of new species)

But the fossil record disproves this..

Good example the rich fossil record of horses in North America. Earliest recognizable horses appeared nearly 55 mya. They were small animals ranging from size of cats up to size of a labrador. Thhese developed into hundreds of different species ranging in size from 20 to 110 pounds. But all those species have been pruned to just one, Equus today.

This implies an ID, or rather an Intell Builder, wo is either incompetent, in that he makes so many mistakes that go extinct, or else he's indecisive, letting species die out while creating new ones that are very similar.:

Nylon invented 1935. Because an artificial compound, nothing existed in nature to eat it, and so tended to hang around in environment for a long time. But then in 1970s, a new strain of bacteria appeared which was scratching a living from nylon waste. Found that it wasn't an existing type of bacteria, but a mutated form of non-plastic eater. The exact mutation involved the duplication of a gene which controlled a different function. Then some of the bacteria with doubled gene inserted a single extra base into the sequence.

This due not to a Biblical creator/builder operating 6000 years ago, but to the invention of new product which was new food available to anything that could change to digest it.

We need Vit C in our diet or we get scurvy. Unlike other animals, including almost all mammals, except our closest relatives, gorillas and chimps, we can't amnufacture it in our liver, bc the final enzyme we need to make the vitamin, doesn't work. We have a copy of the gene which other animals use, but it has accumulated somany mutations that it no longer functions. So a Q for the ID - why did he design us to need Vit C, but thendisble the final step in making it?

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