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Rolls Royce

Mike Fox and Steve Smith

RR is insistent that 'Rolls-Royce' is an adjective, not a noun. You must say RR motorcars, not RR, or worse, Rolls-Royces.

The first owner was Paris Singer. (His father began the craze of naming kids after place they were born; he had a brother Washington Singer.) Paris was heir to Singer Sewing machine fortune, and spent quite a bit of it on the dancer Isadore Duncan, as well as cars. The second owner was Sir Oswald Mosley; the third, a Guiness.

Vladimir Lenin ordered 9 RRs, 3 still exist, one of which is the only RR fitted with half-tracks.

Indian maharajahs - Nazam of Hyderabad had a yellow RR with gold everywhere, a solid silver roof and a throne. In its long life it has covered 345 miles.

The ruler of Alwar owned 6 Silver Ghosts. RR refused to make certain alterations, so the old man, in an unbelievable fit of pique, had them all converted to garbage trucks.

Biggest fleet of RRs not owned by royalty or plutocrat, but by the Scottish Co-operative Society, which uses them as hearses. They are ordered without radios or heaters.

RR Phantom IV was a limited edition: "For Royal personages and heads of state only". Eighteen were produced, for: Queen Elizabeth (a wedding present from RAF), RR Motors, Shah of Iran (2), Sheikh of Kuwait (3), Duke of Glucester, Duchess of Kent, General Franco (3, all bulletproof), Prince Aga Khan, Prince Tailai of Saudi Arabia, King Feisal of Egypt, the Prince Regent of Iraq, Queen Elizabeth again, and Princess Margaret.

Rippon, the RR coachbuilder before WW2, was a direct descendant of Walter Rippon, Elizabeth I's coachbuilder. (RR did not make a complete car until after WW2 - until then the chassis and running gear was handed over to a coachbuilder who handmade it for each owner).

GM turn out 100,000 cars every 3 days. RR has just reached that total, after 108 years in business.

The religious right loves to talk about biblical family values. So need to ask, when should a father stone to death his whole family? What should be done about a non-virginal bride on her wedding night?


Should strongly object to the Bible's sexual ethics. Lot gets drunk and impregnates his two virgin daughters. There is no indication that God disapproved of this More books on Religion

Genesis 1: the earth is created(1.1) before the flowering plants (1.11), sun and stars(1.16), birds and whales (1.21), before reptiles and insects (1.24), and finally animals (1.25) before man and woman (1.26-7)

Genesis 2: God makes plants and man first, then birds and animals, and then finally makes a woman from Adam's rib. (And it until 1543 when Vesalius showed that both men and women have same number of ribs, it was accepted that men had one less than women.)

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