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Secrets of Love and Lust

Simon Andreae

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Soggestion that battle of sexual wits (having to outsmart brawnier competitors) lead to development of larger human cortex. The larger it got, the smarter the human, the more females he saeduced, and more genes for bigger cortex passed on.

But as brains got bigger, babies' heads got biggere so had to be born less developed, so women reduced mobility to are for infant, so men had to stick around if their genes were to survive.

WW1 little village just out of Budapest. First, all men called up to fight, forcing women to become more self-reliant. Second, a POW camp built just outside village. Over ensuing months, almost every woman took (several) lovers. Men couldn't complain or anger woman or he would lose his bit of freedom outside the camp. Then, wqhen men returned from war, they got a cool reception from wivwes who had tasted sexual independence and power, and were not keen to give it up. A local midwife found you cd make poison by scraping glue ofdf old wallpaper. Over 100 men killed 1919 - 29.

A famous poster from 1980's of a semi-nude male model, Adam Perry, cradling a little baby. He reckoned that image main factor in letting him saeduce 3000 women in 10 years.

Jealousy - men more worried about partner having casual sex with someone else; women more concerned about sommeone taking his affection.

Kellogg wrote a book advising parents on how to tell if child was masturbating- 39 'signs' which covewred virtually everything from rounded shoulders to acne. And if by some miracle child managed to escape all 'clues', it wasn't bc not wanking, it was bc he was 'canny'.

Mid C20 both cure for VD, and the contraceptive pill. Traditionalists thought it wd mean the end of the world, but surprisingly, the 'vital energy' of Western world was not sapped or drained away. In fact the opposite was true - new vitality in music, art and film. So perhaps far from being the source of misery, sex might be the cure for it.

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