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The Ant and the Ferrari

Lifting The Hood On Truth, Society and the Universe

Kerry Spackman

We seem to think it's OK for people to believe anything they like regardless of whether or not their beliefs actually match reality. Somehow in our modern world we've confused freedom of speech' with the idea that any belief goes. So instead of confronting false beliefs and examining their foundations, we end up pussyfooting around people who believe provably false ideas because we don't want to upset them. So instead of confronting a radical religious belief head-on, we spend billions of dollars on airport security and 'wars on terrorism' while the underlying belief is left intact.

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Genesis makes clear that talking about literal days with phrases such as 'There was an evening and there was a morning - the third day' and 'There was a morning and an evening - the fourth day'. It was only after science showed that world a lot older than 6000 years that Christians came up with cover story of non-literal days.

Allegory argument for Genesis also fails. Jesus obviously used parables to teach points. But a parable works by making the point simpler and easier to understand. If it makes things more confusing, we'd consider it a poor parable. So if Genesis intended as an allegory, why did God get his facts back to front - why did he make such an obvious mistake as to say that the Earth created before the Sun and the Moon?

And even then, what is the point? Genesis is first, and most impt book of NT - if trying to make point that God is creator and most powerful thing around, what is achieved by adding incorrect details?

So, if Bible can't get it's facts straight about the most basic understanding of our origins, what authority does it have to tell us what moral laws to obey?

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