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The Fermata

Nicholson Baker

Guy has ability to stop time and move into 'the fold' - the fermata. Of course he doesn't misuse this skill.Ha.Likes to see naked women so undresses them (as much as possible) or sneaks into their homes and spies on them.

Funny bit when he sees woman on bus. Stops time, slips a strap on dildo onto her, and turns it on. When she moves hand to see what's there he stops time again and removes it, then restarts time, then when she feels nothing there, stops time and reinstalls it. She finally gives up and sits back and enjoys the trip.

Asks several other people what they would do (hypothetically) if they had this gift - most would use to have sex with hot women and/or rob banks. But he sees those things as immoral - happy just unbuttoning blouses.

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But on at least one occasion breaks this 'rule'. Sneaks into ex-girlfriend's to spy on her having sex with new lover. When the lover shagging her from behind, narrator stops time, takes lover into garage and ties him up, then takes his place. Then when girl seems about to notice, he stops time again and puts lover back.

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