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The Future of Us

Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

Teenage neighbours abt 1995. The girl (Emma) gets an America Online CD but when she installs it, it also logs in to her Facebook page 15 years in the future. From the postings she learns 1) she is unhappily married 2) her neighbour, Josh, is happily married to the hottest girl in school, who so far hasn't even looked at him 3) her best friend is a single mum with a child, who, if you do the math, must have been conceived right around now.

So the book is basically trying to fix up 1) and 3), while of course Josh is fairly keen to maintain 2).

Complications ensue - every time Emma changes things based on what she knows about the future, the Facebook posts change to reveal an alternative history. She learns the name of her husband, phones him up to find out which college he is going to, and then immediately alters her plans (in her head). Then when she logs on to Fb again, she finds herself with a completely different history.

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