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New Directions in C21 Art

Alistair Hicks

Cindy Sherman photographs at MoMA 2012 Rich Women. Uses herself as subject, dressing up as the characters she is displaying. Pics scattered through the museum so that they come atb you like dragon hostesses at a drinks party. These women wear their surgically sculptured faces in public and have invariably not known when to stop, so that the only things left alive in their portraits are their ferrety eyes, peering out from behind the facade.

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Amy Cutler Ironing two women ironing a third until she is as flat as a cartoon pancake - referring to women criticizing each other and trying to force them and themselves into a super-thin, one dimensional self-image.

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Francis Alys 2002 project When Faith Moved Mountains got 500 students all dressed in white to shovel a sand dune on outskirts of Lima. Actual moving of the mountain (a few inches) was to highlight the Peruvian election which many feared was already fixed.

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