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The Human Face

Brian Btes and John Cleese

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Non-verbal expr more revealing of emotions than verbal interactions. In speech we can lie, even to ourselves, about how we really feel.

John Gottman's 'love lab' in Seattle videotaped couples discussing distressing elements of their relationship, or how they met. particularly looking for fleeting facial expression of contempt for partner (slight sneer at corner of mouth, slight upward eye roll) which are good predictors of future marital disintegration.

Hard to fake a sincere smile. A contrived smile only pulls the mouth sideways, not up. Also false expressions tend to be slightly assymetrical. And smile has to be in the eyes as well.

Prolonged eye contact of more than 10 secs indicates couple are either going to fight or fuck. Even a glance held a fraction longer than normal can be perceived as an act of intimacy.

If you see someone yawn, or even just read about someone yawning, most people will yawn themselves in next few minutes.

Attitudes to beauty have always been changeable - Greeks and Romans prized monobrows. In late 1600's double chins were considered handsome (bc obviously only the rich cd afford to eat so well).

Men are attracted to babyish, elfin features in women.

First true mirrors invented 1580 Venice. Two brothers figured out how to make clear glass backed by silver. Secret was kept for 170 years, despite the efforts of spies and diplomats. At one stage the French managed to recruit two mirror makers and brought them back to Paris, but the Venetians sent assassins after them and poisoned the pair.

C15 -C18 women prized a white face. Even bled themselves to give ashen visage. Commonly used a lead based paste. C17 Italy woman executed for selling cosmetics comntaining arsenic. Because absorbed faster through mouth than through skin, killed scores of husbands who kissed their wives' pretty face.

Fame is very confusing for moviie stars. They understand that the public doesn't really know them, but think they do. And fans also have expectation that star will act like characters they portray.

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