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The Knowledge

How To Rebuild After An Apocalypse

Lewis Dartnell

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(Assuming you're one of the few survivors, and don't have to fight off ravenous hordes)

Solar panels best source of electricity; to store, go to golf course to salvage rechargeable lead-acid batteries from golf carts.

Gather knowledge - books from libraries, workshop manuals from tech institutes etc, and go to science and industry museums for old machines with basic, easily repairable tech. This partic applies to farming - you need to build reapers and ploughs etc that can be pulled by animals.

A single supermarket should provide enough canned and dried food to sustain one person for 55 years - or 63 years if you're prepared to eat pet food.

When start farming, follow Norfolk four-course rotation method. Rotation both maintains soil productivity and breaks life cycle of diseases and pests. Legumes (clover, soy, peanuts); wheat; roots (turnips to fatten livestock, and/or support through winter, with bonus that can leave in ground until needed); and finally barley, some of which you will need to brew beer.

Limestone is first ore that new society needs. If you roast it above 900℃, it becomes calcium oxide, or quicklime. This gets reacted with water to make slaked lime. Mixed with sand and water, slaked lime forms mortar, to stick bricks together. The Romans invented concrete by mixing slaked lime with volcanis ash, which is much stronger. This was the foundation of Roman Empire bc allowed them to build harbours throughout Mediterranean, even where natural building blocks not available.

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