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The Myth of Mars and Venus

Deborah Cameron

Research has shown the opposite of what John Gray and William Flew claimed - men and women both speak the same number (about 16000) words a day.

Marital problems are not due to communication problems. When she says "Do you think you might have time to do the dishes?" both understand the message. But sometimes convenient for one party to misunderstand.

Rather, conflicts are about power, status, time and attention, as they are in the real world.

Difficulty today that we put huge weight of expectations on a few relationships. Your grandmother never expected to have long intimate discussions with your grandfather. Then, women talked to women, men to men.

Now we expect to have not just a partner for life, but a companion for life as well.

With only a few people to support us emotionally, we get very disappointed if one of them turns out to be less than perfectly telepathic.

Two generations ago separate roles, clearly defined. But now both sexes similar aspirations and outlook on life. So convenient to have a scapegoat when can't make this work.

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