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West Like Lightning

The Brief, Legendary Ride of The Pony Express

Jum DeFelice

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Up until Samuel Colt, guns were thought of as tubes with a controlled explosion at one end. Colt realised that you cd break the weapon into parts in a new way. like Henry Ford, his early products didn't sell, and company went bankrupt. Then the Civil War demand for guns. Colt restarted with his 5 shot Walker pistol, fifteen inches long and firing a .44 calibre bullet (.44 refers to 44 thousandsth of an inch diameter of the bullet.) Colt's other major idea was mass production of identical and inter-changeable parts

American Express begun 1850 by 3 men - Henry Wells, William Fargo and John Butterfiels - who combined their existing freight businesses. Soon after they had formed AE, Wells and Fargo saw a business opportunity in Californian gold rush. Butterfield declined to invest, so Wells Fargo set upmainly for banking and transporting gold and supplies.

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