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What Men Don't Want Women To Know

Bill Doe and Mike Smith

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1. If a man is given opportunity to have sex with an attractive female with no fear of getting caught he will do so. No exceptions.

2. Men basically have 2 states - loaded and unloaded. The loaded state starts 24 hours after the last orgasm and continues until the next one. If you want your husband to stay faithful, make sure he goes to work unloaded.

3. never belive what his male friends tell you. And when you suspect your man of a trangression, you can be sure he's guilty if one of his mates comes to his defence.

4. If men cd get away with it they wd buy and sell women like slaves.

5. Standard tactic for a man who is confronted with evidence of wrongdoing is to deny and get angry. What woman shd do is take his side - excoriate the scumbag who said those awful things about him. If he then a) suggests eliminating that person from your life b) buys you flowers c) engages you in a night of sexual exctasy, you know it was true.

6. Business trips - when yr man gets off plane 400 miles away he will phone you. You think it's bc he loves you and misses you. Actually it's bc he wants to make sure you haven't followed him and you are 400 miles away. Check his credit card receipts - anything over $100 that isn't clearly a restaurant is likely to be the escort service he used for prostitute.

7. Men only respect other men, and if other men respect them, their life is worthwhile. To gain respect and status, he needs trophies. In order of importance, from least to most the trophies are money, clothes, car, a hot babe on his arm. To stop him acquiring trophies, need to make sure he has no spare money. Check his bank statements and get an annual credit check on him. Looking for mortgage payments or hire purchase on apartments or cars you have never seen.

8. If you've been away for a while, go to the phone in your bedroom and hit redial. If a female answers, say "Hello, I have Mr ..... calling," and hand phone to him. And watch the fireworks.

A questionaire at end of book. Does yr man's breath reek of sushi after a late night at the office? And there's no Jaspanese restaurant withing 20 miles? (only lesbians will understand this Q). Does yr man insist on a teenage female babysitter? Does he insist on a teenage female babysitter even though you don't have children?

Plus the standard ones - has he recently started working out? Did he do a load of his won washing without seeking praise?

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