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Why I Became An Atheist

A former preacher rejects Christianity

John Loftus

Teaching problem: Christians' views of God, Satan and the afterlife have changed over time. There are many disagreements within Xity today about social issues and about religious issues such as baptism, when and how to worship, which OT rules should be obeyed, and which Bibles are appropriate.

Science problem: Genesis 1 clearly states that the Earth existed before the sun, the moon and the stars, which were all created on the fourth day. This is completely contradicted by astronomy. Pretty obviously, Genesis is a folk story, a myth.

Philosophy problem: Why would God take billions of years to create the Universe and all its bits, then at very last minute snap his fingers and create mankind?

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At end of the day, it required too much intellectual gerrymandering to continue to believe.

We opened the Bible but instead of finding wisdom, we found violence and the justification of immoral acts. We found anti-intellectualism and backward thinking. Our prayers returned to us void. We prayed harder and felt dumber for it. God as a "flowing fountain of delight". We came to the fountain and drank as deeply as we could and for a while, we could not get enough of it. But then something happened. The fountain became foul. We tried to ignore the taste, but something had changed. We realized that the fountain wasn't a being, it was a religion. It was just dogma. It was like we had been drinking with our eyes closed and nose plugged. We opened our eyes and unplugged our noses and discovered we had been enjoying filth. We realized we had spent most of our lives consuming a vile concoction.

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