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Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others

John Molloy

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Tried interviewing guys to see why reluctant to commit, but when used young men to interview, got macho ansawers; tried teams of mewn and women and got PC answers; finally used 60 yo men who guys didn't feewl any need to impress.

Women who get men to marry them 1. insist on marriage 2. don't waste time on dead-end relationships 3. love themselves morew than love many men 4. are committed to idea of marriage 5. look after their appearance 6. realize time is their enemy.

Men reach a commitment stage when get tired of singles bars. Use phrases like 'ready for something else' or 'ready for next step'. Recognize that the girls in singles bars are getting younger while they are 'aging'. Esp if bald or overweight recognize this soonere and get out earlier.

'Unpolished jewels' - guys who were keen to marry but had been consistently rejected, usually bc lack of good looks, height or social skills. Often appealed to divorced women who'd been burned by men who were superficially more attractive.

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