Talk About Books That You Haven't Read

"There are two motives for reading a book: one, that you enjoy it;
the other, that you can boast about it." Bertrand Russell

There are about 4000 books published every day. Nobody can read even a fraction of them, and most people struggle to find the time to read any books at all

But someone who reads books is valued because they can pass on ideas and discoveries that others would never have heard of. Readers are interesting.

This site is designed to provide part of the answer - interesting bits from books that you can use to pretend you've read them.

You don't need to say much; you don't have to lie. Most people aren't going to interrogate you to test whether you read the whole thing; mostly they are going to be impressed that you know something useful.

This site currently has highlights and excerpts from over 1800 books that are worth talking about today.

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