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50 Popular Beliefs

That People Think Are True

Guy Harrison

Virtually nobody chooses their religion. Invariably it's the faith of their parents. (Exceptions are people who find themselves on their own, looking for a port in the unfriendly storm) Problem with that is, the unquestioning assumption that theirs is the 'true/correct' religion and that all the others have got it wrong. Yet if they had been born in another time or place, you would almost certainly have a different religion, of which you were stone cold certain was the right one.

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Not much different to supporting the sports team you grew up, no matter where you move or what happens to the team. An accident of the geography of your birth and your childhood loyalties affect your decision making more than any rational or logical thought.

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Not one religion has produced sufficient proof or evidence to attract most people. Even Christianity is fractured into thousands of contradictory versions. If a religion could point to its prayers being answered at a rate better than chance, it would take over the world.

The belief in a particular creation myth is in your head, and so it varies according to what era and place you were born. Biology and Evo is evidence-based, and so is the same all over the world.

The fatal flaw of I.D. is that it doesn't have a scrap of evidence to support it. And you can see from where its proponents choose to fight their battles - in school board rooms, in political campaigns, in books - anywhere but in the world of science.

The societies with the highest child mortality rates are the world's most religious societies. There are no atheists. They pray desperately for their god to save their dying child - not for a promotion at work, or for their sports team to win - they are praying for the most impt thing of all. And their prayers go unanswered.

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