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You Really Need To Know About Religion

Peter Stanford

The Gospels are clearly not 'gospel' truth. They all offer different - often strikingly so - versions of Jesus's life. They are part reportage, part writing down oral traditions, part preaching, part referring back to OT prophecies, part commentary on political events at the time of writing, and the rest imagination to fill in the gaps. The precise proportions of each of those elements are hotly disputed.

Although Xity is officially monotheist - believing that the one God is the source of everything in the world - in practice most branches are dualist - they believe that Satan has a lot of power. This is a response to the problem of evil in the world. How can a just and benevolent God tolerate it? Answer must be that Satan causes it.

Confucius was probably the first to articulate the Golden Rule - do unto others what you would have them do to you. His core belief was that everything came back to treating others with respect.

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