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aluminium foil under stove elements and on bottom of oven to catch drips and spills. And wrap a door knob when painting door or wall (use stanley knife to trim). Dip in cola to polish rust off chrome.

baking soda shifts food stains from stove top. Burnt pots can be salvaged : scrape out as much as poss, cover burnt area with water, add 1/2 cup baking soda, bring to boil then leave to soak overnight. Sprinkle round growing tomato plants. Itchy insect bite - make paste with small amount bs and water; dab on bite. Scrambled eggs - add level 1/4 teaspoon bs to every 3 eggs makes fluffier. Cup of water and 2 tbsp bs in microwave for 3 mins shifts built up grime. Mix equally with sugar to poison cockroaches.

bread - slice in cookie bin keeps crisper.

peanut butter takes off glue left by sticky labels. Tbsp pb add to cook oil absorbs smell of frying fish.

crisps crushed on top of caserole. Add to choc chip biscuits.

vinegar in spray bottle instead of expensive store bought. Wet a cloth with vinegar and wave around a room to get rid of persistent odours. After clean oven, vinegar soaked sponge for final wipe down.

bath oil on sponge wipes off soap builup on shower.

dental floss to cut cakes. Alternative to craft wire for necklace.

ice pack to syop nose bleed.

mouthwash - store toothbrush in to kill germs.

wax paper in bottom of vege drawer in fridge, just throw away when dirty; rub yr iron base to stop sticking.

zip bags cut corner use as piping bag; protect outdoor padlocks; put yr hand in one when cleaning shoes or painting fiddly object.

toothpick nail slice of bread to cut cake to stop going stale; poke hole in lemon if only need few drops.

spray bottle fill with vodka to spray bugs at picnic; fill olive oil instead of buy cook spray; spray baking bread with heavily salted water as it bakes to get crispy salted crust.

steel wool dipped in olive oil gently rub water rings on wood furniture.

sponge instead of soap dish in bathroom; damp sponge pet hair off furniture.

paper towel damped wipes away 'silk' from ears of corn.

ammonia drop on mosquito bite to stop itch; saok sponges in ammonia to repel garden pests.

aluminium foil fix loose screw by fill hole with piece; wrap thin sliced veges topped with herbs and butter, plus little chicken broth, cook on bbq until tender.

tennis ball hung from garage ceiling so hits center of yr windscreen when exact parked.

squeeze bottle of pesto/sour cream to put squiggles on soup or fritters; pancake mix to shape pancakes; icing cake; ration maple syrup.

lighter fluid removes stubborn sticky labels; pre-clean grease spots off clothes before wash.

kitty litter remove oil stains on garage floor by pouring paint thinner over it, then covering with kitty litter.

toothpaste hide nail holes in wall, dry then paint over; stops itchy insect bites; stops swim goggles fogging up (smear with paste then wipe clean with dry cloth)

petroleum jelly smear on doorhandles or fittings you're paining around.

shampoo wipe windscreen with clean cloth moistened with shampoo stops fogging up; removes sap from gardening hands; cleans silk - cold water and shampoo hand wash.

nail polish to fix scratch in car paint

nail polish remover cleans chrome work (but keep away from paint!); removes superglue (as long as it contains acetone) - dip a cotton bud and hold against glue until it dissolves.

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