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A Billion Wicked Thoughts

Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam

Behavioural science tries to measure how people behave. Problem that most people can't be bothered contributing to scientific progress. Who wants to perform boring or sometimes painful tasks with no personal benefits and trivial rewards? Just one tiny sliver of society - the undergraduate. But unrepresenative: jobless, childless and marinating in sex hormones. Even when try to extend expts to wider community, subjects still WEIRD: western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic - still different to 88% of world's population.

Alfred Kinsey originally an entomologist who spent career studying gall wasps, but 1940 got fed up with moralizing and superstitions around subject of sex - no scientific data at all. So interviewed 18000 men and women, asking 521 questions on a wide variety of sexual subjects. The results shocked America. Turned out that homosexuality, male and female masturbation, premarital and extramarital sex all far more prevalent than anyone suspected.

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So naturally they shot the messenger. Kinsey's funding was withdrawn, he was accused of being a communist, and persecuted by conservative and religious organizations. So his studies were never followed up, and now the data is 60 years old.

Guy named Peter Morley-Souter came up with Rule 34 "There is porn of it" (after being sent a cartoon of Calvin and Hobbes having sex with Calvin's mum)

As the maxim goes, type into Google 'find people that have sex with goats that are on fire' and you'll get back a message 'specify type of goat'.

There are approx 2.5m adult websites as of Jan 2011.

This a huge change because you no longer have to interact with anyone to get erotica. Visit PornHub and in 5 minutes you'll see more naked bodies than the most promiscuous Victorian saw in a lifetime.

Sambia people in PNG believe that semen is essence of manhood, and all boys must ingest quite a bit of it to be strong. So every pre pubescent boy performs fellatio on an older teenager several times a week for 3 or 4 years. When boys hit puberty and develop a manly physique, elders can say "See, it's working". Rate of homosexuality in Sambia men abt 5%, same as in Western society. So social practices don't alter adult desires.

To study sex authors collected data on 400m searches July 2009 to July 2010 using SearchSpy a DogPile scraper.

Male desire is overwhelming. As comedian once said "If you showed me my mother's decapitated head while I was having sex, I wd tell you 'We're going to have a talk about that just as soon as I've done here.'"

Arousal involves both physical and psychological. For a man they are identical - if he's physically aroused he is also psychologically turned on. But for women, not necessarily. Can report lubrication and even orgasm during unwanted or coercive sex, even though psychologically anti.

So prob waste of time for chem companies to look for female viagra. Would get better results if considered wild popularity of romance novels, which stimulate female mind without ever touching their bodies.

At least 75m people read a romance novel last year; 90% of them female. By far the largest segment of the fiction market. This has flowed through into the eBook market, but now no inhibitions against purchase - don't have to front up to the sales counter with cheesy lit. So publishers can take more risks and expand market. Plus an explosion of fan fiction: and has 2 million stories and 600,000 visitors a day.

All possible permutations of Harry Potter characters. Even Clarice and Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs.

For vast majority of romance novels, hero is a strong swaggering alpha. "Women like bad boys. I suspect that's because our inner cavewoman knows Doormat Man wd become Sabertooth Tiger Lunch in short order."

Male exhibitionism usually considered a personality disorder and a crime, female isn't - wet Tshirt contests, sexting, falling-out-of dresses.

Male lust is so strong that men are willing to blow themselves up for the highly unlikely possibility of booty in another dimension. There are no women willing to blow themselves up for the sake of a penis.

In pre-history, guys who didn't take risks to prove to women that they were good hunter-providers, didn't get to reproduce. Cautious men have been bred out of humanity.

Male orientated porn always centered on woman, especially the sex bits. The guy is virtually a disembodied cock. All male cues and none of the things a woman wants to look at. But Straight Guys for Gays, for example, focuses on the guy - face chest and arms, then butt and thighs.

Imagine you are a heterosexual male, and anytime day or night you cd press a button on yr iPhone to see an array of attractive women you've never met before. Then you cd pick the one you fancy and within 5 minutes she's there. Usually she just wants to give you a BJ then leave, She's glad to do it and it doesn't cost you a cent. Sounds like fantasy, but for gays it's available right now. Grindr shows photos and profiles of all other men using Grindr within about 1000 yards, making them easy to hook up.

Gay men split into bottoms and tops. Usually tops penetrate bottom, tho often just BJ the top. Most (about 2/3) gay men prefer to be bottoms, as determined by analysis gay classifieds.

NY Times review of book here

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