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After Death

Sukie Miller

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One guy's reaction to doctor telling him nothing more could be done for him. "He understood he could evolve no further in this body and that it was time for him to move to another level of consciousness. A wiser state awaited him after death - a profoundly comforting idea."

In Sulawesi, when children die their tiny coffins are put in holes carved into big tree, which, as it grows, takes them closer to the sky.

Tibetans hang prayer flags - colourful cloth inscribed with messages - on wires on their house, so that the wind will spread prayers around the world.

Some people are terrified of Judgement - Tallying Judgement like balancing a checkbook, where you get sent to either heaven or hell, depending on your good/bad deeds; Karmic Judgement, where ethical considerations of your life promote or demote you on the evolutionary wheel; Evolutionary Justice - did we do anything to make the world a better place

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