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Big Babies

Michael Bywater

Something has gone wrong - the media is infatuated with fake and pathetic celebrities. Our towns are full of obese tracksuit clad families yoked together in greed and hatred.

We have stayed so infantile that can't be trusted and have to be supervised every step of way.

"Suppose (to take a most improbable example) you decided, or were told and chose to believe, that the world was created by an invisible person who, despite all the evidence that he occasionally dislikes us but was mostly indifferent, actually loved us and thought about us all the time, Suppose, piling absurdity on improbability, you also decided, or were told and chose to believe, that this person decided to split himself in two and turn one part of himself into an ordinary person like you and me and pay a visit to a desert tribe and get himself executed for treason; at which point he performed a conjuring trick, came back from the dead, vanished mysteriously but planned to return and punish all the bad people and make everything nice (though in the meantime, the bad people could carry on getting away with it and the good people could carry on getting buggered up by the bad people - that is, when they weren't getting cancer, or run over or bankrupt or tortured or worked like beasts or raped or killed in power struggles which were nothing to do with them.

Suppose you were misguided enough to believe that lot. What would you do?

Would you devote all your spare time to finding someone who would abuse you of your intensely peculiar delusions, or would you go, once a week or more, to listen to someone telling you that you were quite right, and everything you believed was true, and whats more, if you ever stopped believing it, terrible things would happen to you even after you died.

Of course the answer is obvious - you would want to be reassured that you were right

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