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Can't Buy Me Love: The Baetles, Britain and America

Jonathan Gould

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Absolute conviction, even within Beatles, that they and pop music wd be a passing fad, that in 20 years time, nothing of them will survive.

Originally recording thought of as capturing live performance. So when new tech came along, such as 4 track tape decks, record companies thought would make their life easier bc could balance all sounds simultaneously. In fact considerably lengthened recording times bc gave artists chance to experiment.

First Beatles album recorded in 10 hours. The next, and all '63, '64 and '65 albums done in 40 hours, mainly bc group either touring or making films. But by end of 1965 had given up touring and started spending 100s of hours in studio.

George Harrison quote on hypocrisy of religion - "All this love yer neighbour, and none of them are doing it. It Christianity's as good as they say it is, it should stand a bit of discussion."

When Beatles split and went off to solo careers, Paul McCartney released an album a year through the '70s. All of them sold in the millions, all of them produced a Number 1 single, and 1977 Mull of Kintyre became best selling single in history of British recording industry.

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