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Dana Thomas

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In 1970's lux brands invaded Rodeo Drive. Arab sheik brought all his wives to Giorgio and bought every ball dress in shop and warehouse. Had to close for three days to restock.

Dior designed a handbag for Princess Di 1995, and named it Lady Di in her honour. Sold 100,000 of them at $1000 each. That one bag raised their 1996 revenues by 30%.

Women uaed to buy new handbag once every 4 or 5 years. Now 4 times a year.

Online businesses like BegBorrowOrSteal will rent you designer handbags so that you can change them even more often.

Celebs paid to wear clothes and jewellry to high profile events like Oscars. But strict conditions: earrings have to be visible, so hair has to be up. Celeb has to mention brand name three times on national television.

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