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How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms the Planet, and Threatens Our Lives

Michael Specter

Greenpeace etc attitude that science is 'waging war' on nature, whereas the truth probably is that activists are waging war on science.

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"The inflexible certainty of ideological commitment."

Denialism is, when you're struggling with the trauma of change, you turn away from reality for a more comfortable lie.

Draw relationships where none exists - eg between autism and vaccines.

Unless data fits an already formed belief, it is discarded or denied.

Emotive terms, such as 'frankenfoods', as if completely different to the food we already eat.

Shun nuance or complexity of discussion - everything black-or-white - no shades of grey.

Basic conspiracy theory that pharma companies, scientists, governments, all linked in a web of lies.

And almost religious certainty that 'natural' ways will fix health and environmental problems.

In the West, food is plentiful and we have choices. In Africa and Asia it's a matter of survival. To suggest that organic farming can feed their millions is a cruel fantasy.

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