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Gary Slapper

Roseann Barr: "All human beings connect sex and love. Except men."

A 28 yo Zimbabwe man was arrested for having sex with a donkey tied to a tree. His explanation was that the donkey was actually a prostitute who changed into a donkey while they were having sex. He said he'd paid the prostitute $20 in a bar, but "I do not know what happened after we left the bar, but I am seriously in love with this donkey."

A woman in Worcester, England, sued her gyno for £30,000 for giving her 'knee-buckling orgasms' during a physical exam. The gyno countered that she had propositioned him for sex but he had declined and reported her to colleagues. Woman finally withdrew when her GP testified that she had repeatedly harassed him for sex.

Porn actors in California tried to use the First Amendment to beat the law stipulating wearing of condoms during film sex. Argued that the transmission of STDs counts as 'constitutionally protected expression'.

Mick Miller, British entertainer: "I don't like people who take drugs. Customs men, for example."

Guy in Florida arrested after police found 2 plastic bags of drugs up his bum. He admitted that the first bag, containing cannabis, was his, but claimed he knew nothing about the second one, which contained cocaine.

Counsel: Sir, I must say you have contrived to present your case very well.
Witness: Thank you. I'd return the compliment if I wasn't testifying under oath.

Counsel: Isn't it true that on 7 may last you ran naked through Bolton Market singing God Save The Queen?
Witness: What was that date again?

Counsel: That drug is expensive, isn't it? Like £250 a gram? Witness: Lady if you're paying that much you're buying from the wrong person.

Counsel: Are you married?
Witness: Yes
Counsel: What does your husband do?
Witness: Whatever he's told.

Harrods' boss Mahomed Al Fayed testified in a libel case (which he won) that he could hire Conservative MPs "like cabs off the rank." "As far as they were concerned, I was Profit Mahomed".

Wife divorced her husband after finding after finding his Second Life avatar was having a relationship with another avatar. In SL he was a dashing goatee-bearded, sharp-suited, medallion-wearing guy who lived in a mountain-top chalet and travelled by gunship helicopter.

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