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Future Superhuman

Else Bohan

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We all like to endorse the maxim 'true beauty is on the inside', but IRL it's a huge advantage to be tall and good looking. Short people have fewer options and have to work harder to prove their worth.

Who has never invested time and money trying to improve our looks?

Our brains are hardwired to interpret obesity or facial asymmetry as indicators of genetic shortcomings.

First-half, second-half (of the chessboard) analogy to look at trajectory of innovation. Chessboard 1 rice grain on first square, 2 on next, 4 on third etc. Second half of chessboard quickly get to astronomical numbers (or accelerating speed of progress.

Trolley problem: how many strangers would you kill to save your brother? How many little babies?

Clear trend that as technology advances, it is possible for people to create more and more destruction for less money, education and intelligence.

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