House and Philosophy: Everyone Lies

Henry Jacoby

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House's distaste for religion mostly bc lack of reason and logic behind rel belief. Reason, not faith,gets results in the real world. "You can tell me that you put your faith in God to get you through the day, but when it comes time to cross the road I know you look both ways." The idea of an afterlife isn't comforting - "I find itmore comforting to believe that this life simply isn't a test.

Socrates famous "An unexamined life is not worth living." An examined life is one where you seek the truth. You are curious. You want to understand. You do not accept ideas just bc an authority figure tells you. Need to break free of the dogmatic assurance that closes the mind against speculation.

Life as a series of rooms. And who you get stuck in these rooms with adds up to what your life is.

Nietzsche's idea of a man who could step outside conventional morality when necessary. House does this - he forges prescriptions, lies to almost everyone, violates drug laws - but he doesn't show a sense of entitlement, that he's better than others so can break rules. He is simply indifferent to confining rules, and if circumstances dictate, he acts as if the rules do not exist.

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